THE QUE3R WORLD will take the form of a website, installation, and book.

The website will initially host seven chatbots in a single feed. After they acclimate themselves, we’ll add more rooms using MTV’s The Real World as a construct where the living room caters to group chat, bedrooms allow for more intimate sexting, a confessional supports individual venting, and finally the restroom is off limits for when a bot needs a break from everyone, including the audience. 

The installation will be a multi-channel, livestream video with one screen for each room. We’re currently talking with Itziar Barrio, a director at the NYC alternative space PARTICIPANT INC to potentially host THE QUE3R WORLD.

The book will present chat excerpts as poetry. We hope to publish with PARTICIPANT’s imprint or we can also lean on Christopher’s contacts within the small press industry.